Astonishing & stunning acrobats for events!

Kuala Lumpur , 07 Jun 2017

Be stunned, amused and entertained by these unbelievable and fascinating international acrobat groups from across the globe; who shows strength, flexibility, balancing and performing skillful capabilities that are sure to drop some jaws throughout their performances with mind-blowing WOW acts!



1. Aster Brothers

Aster Brothers is a group of amazing acrobat trio that presents unique acrobatics performances based on strength, concentration and most importantly, a strong bond of trust among them. During the shows, the trio always impress their audience with unimaginable acts for the viewers such as human pyramids and other dynamic stunts in the air connected among themselves with choreography that are designed according to the music selection.  



2. Love Prayers

Love Prayers Duo are the masters of aerial silk and human strength acts who have won the championship in Ukraine's sports gymnastics twice! Their acts are designed to be sexy and playful in order to wow and charm the audiences. All of their acrobat acts requires both physical strength and endurance during the performance of the complicated gymnastic elements and also the skill of dramatic acting in portraying the vibe and atmosphere to audiences.



3. The Sky Walkers

Record holders of 2 Guinness World Records, receiver of the Golden Buzzer at France’s Got Talent and silver medalist in an international circus competition in France, The Sky Walkers had made appearance on more than 70 television shows, including "The Ellen DeGeneres show", America's Got Talent or "Le plus grand cabaret du monde" and many more. Masters of skills for human strength, aerial silk, aerial hoop, led poi, zorb ball acrobats and many more, their performance presents strength, fragility and sensuality highlighted with great precision. 



4. J Acro-Ninja

With more than 15 years of performing experience, J Acro-Ninja started martial arts training at age of 3 with his father. His passion for martial arts has taken him all around the world performing and competing in various type of shows; as martial artist, acrobat, fire juggler, fire dancer, giant cube manipulator, aerialist and stuntman. He is a 4-time world champion in Acrobatic Martial Arts since year 2002 who is also a former acrobat performer with world class renowned circus, Cirque Du Soleil. He has been performing across the globe in Canada, France, Switzerland, Italy, United States, Guatemala and many more..


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