Let's Salsa!

Kuala Lumpur , 12 Oct 2018


Dancing events are one of the most entertaining events, with music flowing through the ambiance like water, amazing dancers gracefully swaying along the dancefloor with their unique moves and most of all, the breathtaking dances of different forms. All over the globe, various countries often organize special dance events where they celebrate the art and also to give new talents a chance to showcase their skills and perform in front of renowned dancing personalities. 


Malaysia is a country with varied races where people are quite passionate about different arts and cultures which inspires these creative events. This is one of the reasons why arranging a dance event in the Asian country may gather fruitful responses and through this, also gives new and talented performers an introduction to the Malaysian crowd.


Arranging a dance show/event may look simple but it involves many details and preparation. That is why many professional event organizers will start planning in advance to ensure all event details are well covered especially if there is presence of public crowd and media coverage. Also, invitation to renowned dancing figures to appear on the show or event as judges or special guests should be sent out early to book a slot in their busy schedule. You would not want to miss out on having the crowd’s favourites due to delay on your part as their participation could be one of the main highlights to attract more fans!


For example, if you are organizing a Latin Salsa dance event, this particular dance form needs special attention from having a proper dance venue to having a good dance band or DJ and professional dance instructors who can also be featured as your event’s special guests.


So, here are some tips to organize your dance event in Malaysia!


1. Look for the perfect studio or event location

With wide selection of dance studios around, how do you choose the right one? Before making that choice, you should start by making a checklist on all details which will affect your venue selection choice. Such as the number of attendees, preference on outdoor or indoor setting, if the dancefloor is sufficient to support your crowd, venue cost, sound system availability and etc. It is crucial to put these factors into consideration before booking the venue to avoid loss of booking fee if a change of venue is needed.


2. Shortlist the judges/special guests for the appearance

Special guests for events do not necessary have to be high profile celebrities, but of course that would be a BIG attraction if you have them. Let’s not forget renowned dance professionals who have won championships or even performers who have collaborated and worked for major names. These people have their own fans too, which many big companies might have missed out on. 


Work on the guest list based on your target audience! If you are aiming to organize a high profile Latin Salsa dance show for the public crowd, having judges from the dance industry would be perfect! As they could share their experiences and opinions on the dance skills, adding knowledge value to the show besides being entertaining.


3. Choose the right music

Music – one of the main factors that could make or break your event! A good tip, having experienced musicians who is familiar with Latin Salsa dance scene, genres and music beats will definitely play up the dancefloor. Some may opt for a Latin band while a DJ is also a great option. 

You can easily access and browse through list of musicians, bands or DJ in Malaysia online, various options available especially on entertainment provider websites like AMS Entertainment. Plus point is these event planners / entertainment providers could suggest and advise on the best selections for your event requirements through their expertise. 


 4. Host of the event

Last but not least, not forgetting the host (also known as life of the party) for the evening! Each individual presents and conveys messages differently with their own unique speech style, tone of voice and language capabilities. Therefore, picking the right host is equally important to carry the event thoroughly and ensuring the schedule is smoothly executed. 



Still unsure of your entertainment choices for the event and needing some expert guidance? Contact us at info@artiste.com.my now for more information, booking or consultation services to pick the top entertainers!

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