Prost! An Awesome Oktoberfest!


A zesty & fun filled Oktoberfest celebration!!

Kuala Lumpur  •  10 Jan 2019   •

Enchanting Harpist for Valentine's!

Serene, sweet melodies serenading your day away with delightful experience by our classy and elegant harpists..

Kuala Lumpur  •  01 Mar 2018   •

A Fantastic Ending to 2017!

It was a great celebration in 2016, we had an even better countdown bash last year welcoming 2018 with wonderful line-up of talents (party bands, DJs, festive shows, etc)!

Worldwide  •  09 Feb 2018   •

Voice of Timeless Elegance

Add a touch of classic elegance to your luxurious venue with our stylish and sophisticated beautiful songstresses serenading favourites such as Jazz, RnB, Bossa, Pop and more..

Kuala Lumpur  •  05 Dec 2017   •

Exploring Asia: The Legendary Moon Festival

Moon Festival, or more generally known as Mid-Autumn Festival is just around the corner, we believe everybody is excited and getting ready to celebrate this meaningful festival with your friends and family.

KL  •  29 Sep 2017   •

5 Fun Facts about Oktoberfest!

Oktoberfest is not all about Munich beer, although it is a crucial element. Because there are more to Oktoberfest than beers. Here are the 5 things you might find during Oktoberfest!

Kuala Lumpur  •  16 Aug 2017   •

Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Picking the right wedding music band to complement your wedding theme and set up the ideal atmosphere might just make your once in a lifetime wedding perfect. However, the wide selection of live bands might not be very helpful.

Kuala Lumpur  •  21 Jul 2017   •