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Recreate with Fusion Orchestra

Wednesday, 20 January 2021 09:44 Read 5302 times

Chinese musical instruments were traced in their roots several thousand years ago. It was not only for entertainment purposes but also was used in the tradition for cultural purposes.


During the month of the Chinese New Year is where you could hear Chinese Instruments the most. For instance, the family gathers, reunion dinners, homes are decorated, and everyone is accompanied by vocal and instrumental Chinese New Year music playing in the background. The tradition of playing some specific song tracks is to welcome the vibe of the new year's arrival and the start of a new season.

Music is a universal language, it is adored by every individual in the world and every culture has its rich musical traditions. Music can educate people about different cultures, it also can bring everyone together as one. When fusion music is blended with the best aspects of multiple cultures, it then transforms into a form of art that is enjoyable for everyone. Fusion music combines the practices of different cultures will globally allow people to realize the power of collaboration, rather than division. Fusion not only for western songs but is also a perfect combination for Chinese songs. It can change a traditional Chinese New Year song into something more exciting and enjoyable for the youngsters.

With a leveled up musicianship and vocals, legendary onstage energy, and the perfect balance between youth and experience, a fusion orchestra can be a great choice for different types of event regardless of Chinese or western culture. As the Chinese culture is diverse, you can listen to these culture songs with a variety of instruments including plucked string instruments, wind instruments like flute, and instruments like drums and gongs. It can enhance the mood and spice up with the fusion music around in your events.

At AMS Entertainment, we set our audience satisfaction as our priority. Music is a language, together with fusion music, we can provide our audience with an accessible way to understand what fusion music is.

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