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NEW Body Art: Henna

Thursday, 20 December 2018 07:13 Read 1032 times

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful than these intricate henna masterpieces? Our amazing artist designed them freehand based on her inspirations, not to mention adding a fresh splash of colour to make them pop!

Sometimes known as Mehendi, Henna is used traditionally in south Asia and middle Eastern since many years back as an art form of staining the skin using dyes made from a Henna tree. As the most common natural herb for coloring, the henna dye is also used to dye nails, hair, and even fabrics like silk, wool, and leather. The aesthetics of the dye and its intricate designs has since become popularised worldwide.

Like traditional henna, only natural ingredients are used in the colored dye. This reduces the risk of chemical skin irritations and guarantees the same long-lasting effect of traditional hennas. Vegan too!

The artist’s designs are intricate and detailed, yet simple and elegant. Her style is unique to herself and can be described as a fusion of traditional designs and modern pop culture. She is also able to custom design on the spot, allowing her to change her designs inspired by different themes, making her a versatile artist for various types of events.

What better way to bring home a memory than these beautiful henna designs?

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