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Young and Talented Malaysia Singer!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019 05:06 Read 1188 times

Singing has always been one of the main elements to create a great performance or show. Some said that it needs many years of experience to deliver such perfect and outstanding performance. However, it’s a different story for Sara and Roy. These 2 young and talented singers are not just good; they are extraordinary and outstanding singer despite of their age. Hereby, AMS Entertainment would like to introduce these 2 wonderful singers to the world.


Sara, a young and talented singer that can boom the big stage despite of her age. The 15 years old singer-songwriter is not just had a remarkable voice, her high tones can increase the excitement and hype of every show. This Mont’ Kiara International School’s student did prove that age is not matter for her to stand out and perform her best in every show. She’s the champion in ‘The Voice’ competition at her school and she’s already prove that she deserved that title during her opening act and soloist at the Remembering Whitney.

Roy, his intonation and pitch are unbelievably outstanding in every of his live performance. He won a title every singing competition that he had join. The 13 years old Roy prove that age isn’t matter. Nowadays, Roy has an extensive profile ranging from public performances, music video recording and achieved various successes as winner in Solo Singing competitions throughout the years covering repertoire in English, Malay and Mandarin. Able to hit the pitch of most famous female artists namely the late Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Loren Allred, Adelle and many more.

“REMEMBERING WHITNEY - THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL”, presented by Milestone Productions Sdn Bhd in collaborate with BAKASA for the Royal Charity Gala. Roy sang The Greatest Love of All, while Sara delivered a rendition of Run to You. Both Roy and Sara won their chance to be in the spotlight through an earlier audition. Growing up listening to Whitney, Sara and Roy were thrilled to be able to perform some of her greatest hits. “It’s an honor to perform the greatest song from the greatest singer in IB,” said Roy. “Whitney’s Houston music was challenging but it had a lot of soul to it! It’s a very surreal experience being here,” adds Sara.

Talent shall not be measured by ages, Sara and Roy surely had proven that at Istana Budaya. We as Talent Agency in Malaysia carry the important roles to advertise and sustain the valuable talent.With the right approach, Sara and Roy will be the next superstars in the future throughout the world. If in their ages now they can deliver such performance, how would it be for the next years or decades of their performance? It’s gonna be a new history in music industry.

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