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Embrace Your Souls Today

Wednesday, 15 January 2020 09:14 Read 3057 times

There are more than 1500 musical instruments in the world. Each and every musical instrument has its own importance of rhythm, harmonies & melodies in music. Drum, a member of the percussion group of musical instruments. Drums are the world’s oldest and most ubiquitous musical instruments, and the basic design has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. Due to its history, many cultures practice as their tradition and it turns to be a purposeful expression of emotion for entertainment, spiritualism and communication.


Souls of Rhythm – The most breathless and outstanding percussion team from Malaysia who is able to perform with different type of music genre, performances and instruments. The expertise about team is choreographed show with rare and special instruments like Chinese Moon Guitar which could hardly found in town to fill up the harmonic of the show. Other than that, Souls of Rhythm are also known as the legend in contemporary dance as they perform their inner soul to the rhythm of beat. This amazing concept led them to achieve numerous awards and gained a lot of attention globally. Making their way to shine on global films and stage.

Another splendid milestone to be highlighted is the collaboration with Encore Melaka《又见马六甲》 which is known as the stylish and world class theatre with many Impression Series of China. The Impression Series was founded by one of the famous director from China, Zhang Yi Mou also known as the master mind behind of all series. Showing artistic and Cultural Revolution of China but this time, the series will continue outside of China. Encore Melaka was directed by Wang Chao Ge who has participated in directing the opening ceremony for Olympic Games in Beijing 2008. It is a stage fill with vintage journey of Melaka while the percussion team shows the historical dance movements and powerful instrument skills to gel up the charm of the manly element in the show.

Souls of Rhythm is one of a kind percussion team as they provide an extraordinary performance by seeking inspiration through people’s life. Regarding about the past tradition and present problems that we face every day, including social phenomena, current issues, minority cultures and even religious beliefs, you may find the reflection from their show. Stingy mindset and issues that could not resolved gave them an opportunity to create the tradition sense of theater performance by combining instruments together. They are absolutely a unique percussion team which performs meaningful performance that always leaves their audience for a lasting memory.

As an Event Organizer in Malaysia, our main goal is being able to see the smiles and eye-opening expression from each and every one face. Remaining a high quality and exciting performance for the audience to enjoy throughout the spectacular event.

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