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Colorful Wonder Easter! (Easter shows & acts)

Thursday, 25 April 2019 09:12 Read 1264 times

Easter Day, an annual celebration widely commemorated worldwide to memorialize the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb. It has been a tradition festive celebrated for years and is still popularly celebrated by many these days with fun and jolly activities bringing friends and family together on this special day.

And we are sharing some jolly activities and entertainment ideas as amazing top-ups for your event!


Colorful costume, balloons and personality - our balloon artist/juggler/Mr Clown is one multi-talented lad with many performance skills under his sleeves! Talk about juggling while balancing yourself on a unicycle, creating various shapes and balloon designs with colorful pieces capturing the hearts of both kids and grown-ups. A favorite demand for all sorts of parties and festive!


As previously shared in our blog post titled "New Body Art:Henna", henna tattoo has now become a popular body art of all ages and gender with creatively themed designed art works. More over, it has been brilliantly transformed into a modern art with splashes of colors and theme customizable designs, giving it a vibrant and catchy touch!


MAGIC - the word itself gives an aura of mystery, always linger a sense of wonder and curiosity of how the stunts and tricks are done in such amazement. Apart from the classic stage magic show, our line-up of magicians specialize in diverse shows such as close-up magic, kids' magic show, comedy magic, mind tricks and more. Having a close-up and/or interactive magic acts enable full engagement from the audience, with content relatable and involves crowd participation that makes it more lively fun.


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